<![CDATA[Buy - Diablo 3 Items, Wow Items, MMO Items - Cheaper & Faster]]>http://de.gw2gold.net/enThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMTThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMT60Recall your cherished memories of Guild wars 2 at Children’s Dayhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7153_recall-your-cherished-memories-of-guild-wars-2-at-children’s-dayde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7153_recall-your-cherished-memories-of-guild-wars-2-at-children’s-day  How old are you now? How long do you keep playing Guild wars 2? Maybe lots of the players have already grow up, are adults now. Will you still celebrate the Children’s Day? Never mind, gw2goldtaker will held a specific Children’s Day for all you.

  The earlier stage of your level up is just like your childhood in Guild wars 2. On Children’s Day, please share us your interesting stories in Guild wars 2. Your funny story with your friends in the game. What do you feel when you first playing Guild wars 2. When is your first time and location in the map to brush for Guild wars 2 gold? Is there anyone who help you to get a fast level up in the game? Please email us your story to story@gw2goldbuyer.com.

  We will select three most interesting story among you, the top one will get 50 Guild wars 2 gold as reward. And the rest two will get 20 Guild wars 2 gold.

Guild Wars 2 might come to mobile gameshttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7097_guild-wars-2-might-come-to-mobile-gamesde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7097_guild-wars-2-might-come-to-mobile-games
  No doubt that ArenaNet has predicted the potential of mobile games, and starting to explore a new area where it has never developed before.

  For Guild Wars 2 players, especially the old players, it is unknown whether Guild Wars 2 mobile game will continue to stand out in the battlefield of online games. Most of the players are curious what exactly will the mobile game be, and we guess that Guild Wars 2 mobile will become a popular trend in the future. Meanwhile, Guild Wars 2 gold shopping by phone will also come into true.]]>
Two tips to avoid cheating in Guild Wars 2http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7096_two-tips-to-avoid-cheating-in-guild-wars-2de.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7096_two-tips-to-avoid-cheating-in-guild-wars-2
  1. Be careful when looking for power leveling

  Some players do not familiar with the game rules, and they want to get a high level in a short time. Usually, they will ask for help from others. Following a player to finish the contents to get a high level, or buy power leveling for him.

  There are all kinds of advertises which offer power level, you can get a high level by paying for them. When you choose a site for power level, you should check the details about this site, and make sure it is a security and reach an agreement on price.

  2. Pay more attention on buying equipment and Guild Wars 2 gold in low price

  As we all know, equipment and game gold are important during playing the game, we need to buy some to stronger our skills and make up our character. Before we finish our payment of purchasing, we need to ensure whether the retailers we buy from are a legit company. And then check the feedback from other players to identify whether it is a safe site.

  In all, we should be careful of cheating in the game, and remember that there is no free lunch.]]>
Gw2goldbuyer.com will make a film for Guild Wars 2 playershttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7095_gw2goldbuyercom-will-make-a-film-for-guild-wars-2-playersde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7095_gw2goldbuyercom-will-make-a-film-for-guild-wars-2-players
  According to their reports, this film is made for celebrating the company's 5 years' birthday, in order to thanks for the support of all Guild Wars 2 players and Guild Wars 2 gold buyers from this site, they are starting to make the stories from our players and even some interesting games' experience into the film.

  Gw2goldbuyer.com choose to make a film rather than a microfilm, because there are so many stories no matter in game or out of game among our Guild Wars 2 players, while it cannot explain in details.

  What's more, the film will get most of the workers together in Guild Wars 2, and players can communicate or play against with the workers. If they want, they can see the real person out of the virtual world.]]>
Guild Wars 2 online players hit 48 million simultaneouslyhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7076_guild-wars-2-online-players-hit-48-million-simultaneouslyde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7076_guild-wars-2-online-players-hit-48-million-simultaneously
  It is said that this large number of players is mainly due to the international invitational tournament hold on May 18th. More and more players take part in the contest and won the reward of free Guild Wars 2 gold gift.

  As authority Guild Wars 2 gold and item supplier, gw2goldbuyer.com predicted that there will be 45 million players online simultaneously in this tournament before, and World of Warcraft will be replaced by Guild Wars 2 in the future.]]>
Diane Hay, a Guild Wars 2 gold retailer, annual income reached $1 millionhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7075_diane-hay-a-guild-wars-2-gold-retailer-annual-income-reached-$1-millionde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7075_diane-hay-a-guild-wars-2-gold-retailer-annual-income-reached-$1-millionGuild Wars 2 gold retailers for 3 years, got an annual income over $1 million which more than his classmates working in the office as a white collar.

  As what he said, I do not regret being a games staff, I worked out at least three or four hours a day and it is free and happy for me to work in the home.

  Even though there are a lot of voices go against me from my parents, classmates and my friends. In their view, I need to look for a regular job in a big company and go to work from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm which seems to be perfect.

  However, that not what I want to live for. I like play online games from my high school and I think it is a good way to make money from the online games. Such as gold and items are trading in game, and power leveling. They can also bring me money. So he has brought some programs into the game, and registers several accounts to play the different characters in the game.

  All these programs can run normally and do not need to control them, but they can also bring money into your pocket. Finally, his parents agreed him working as Guild Wars 2 gold retailers. Here we have no denying that the job of online games are becoming irreplaceable and also do helpful for the development of games industries.]]>
Is professional gamer a good career for graduates?http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7072_is-professional-gamer-a-good-career-for-graduatesde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7072_is-professional-gamer-a-good-career-for-graduates
  For example, online games are welcomed and become a relaxing way not only for the teenagers, but also the retired persons and children. While the pace of people's living is speeding up, a lot of changes have taken place in their causal activity. They do not want to go outside any more, and just stay at home to have an online game for relaxing themselves.

  Professional gamer become a necessary following with the development of the online games. Some players do not familiar with the game and want to get a high level or improve the character's skills. Then they need to ask someone else to help him. Professional gamer are the person who can help them.

  Such as you are a new player of Guild Wars 2, you have not played this game before. However, you want to reach a level of 80 and gain a stronger skill to fight in the battlefield. Then the professional gamer will explain the details for you in game, and teach you where to go to get the reward of Guild Wars 2 gold or weapons, even how to communicate with other players in the same guild.

  It is widely acknowledged that more and more players contributed to ask help for professional gamer, experts argue that the games industry must introduce professional gamer. But I doubt whether the professional gamer alone will confuse the games' regular order, and college graduates should be making their decisions referring to their ability and interests.]]>
Effect of permanent price drop on Guild Wars 2http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7040_effect-of-permanent-price-drop-on-guild-wars-2de.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7040_effect-of-permanent-price-drop-on-guild-wars-2  Since the launch of Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet have released more than an expansion’s worth of content, regularly hosted special events like introduced players to the retro-goodness of the Super Adventure Box, and engaged players with the Living World philosophy, all the while continually updating and tweaking the game experience. There are record numbers of people playing Guild Wars 2 and the recent WvW and PvP updates are just the first drops in a shower of new updates.

  Nowadays, it’s time to introduce Guild Wars 2 to millions of new players with a lower price point of thirty-five dollars for the standard edition and less than fifty dollars for the digital deluxe edition. This is a really exciting time as the game is receiving episodic content updates at a very rapid pace, making Guild Wars 2 extremely accessible for players looking to invite their friends into the game or jumping in themselves for the first time.

  The permanent price drop for Guild Wars 2 is a good time to attract a lot of new players, for many of them perhaps be stopped by the high price.

  In addition, less price for Guild Wars 2, higher price for Guild Wars 2 gold probably. More people swarming into Guild Wars means more Guild Wars 2 gold is in need, pushing Guild Wars 2 gold forward.

Big changes in WvW in Guild Wars 2http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7039_big-changes-in-wvw-in-guild-wars-2de.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7039_big-changes-in-wvw-in-guild-wars-2  What is WvW? Certainly, for those who usually player Guild wars 2 the concept have kept in their minds. WvW is World versus World, which is firstly released by Guild wars.

  Nowadays, with the development of Guild wars 2, WvW is going to enter a big change. What is that? Let us make a deep acquaintance about it together.

  Because of being tired of those same old matchups, some players hope to test their mettle against some different opponents. ArenaNet also felt the same way. Arenanet explains: “we’ll add a new “Tier” column to the WvW leader-boards so everyone can see which matchup they’re in. Right now, groups are implicitly displayed because each ordered group of three is a matchup, but this will no longer be the case after the ratings change. Players will be able to sort by the Tier column to see the matchup or by the rating column to see where everyone current stacks up.”

  Additionally, to solve the problem that how to match different teams, they are going to partially randomize server matchups, with the exception being they won't match servers against other servers whose rating falls outside of an acceptable range.

  Guild Wars 2 gold may be gotton easier than before, said a senior player.

South America wants Guild wars 2 soonhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7035_south-america-wants-guild-wars-2-soonde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7035_south-america-wants-guild-wars-2-soon  Many MMOs developed in the America or Europe don't find success in the South America market, but ArenaNet's Colin Johanson leads content designer on Guild Wars 2 that they are confident their game would sell well. Guild Wars 2 is topping the list of most demanded MMOs in South American PC gaming cafes or "bangs", and Johanson said his team is busy running beta tests to get it there soon.

  "We have not determined dates for that yet, we're still working to figure all that out but those are all things that we're looking at right now," Johanson said, but he was quick to point out that the wheels are in motion.

  But in contrast to how much had to change, and how slow updates have come for games in South America, Johanson doesn't want to shortchange his South America fans with a vastly different game. "We want to change as little as we can," he said, because he thinks that though South America is affected by Western life, they have their understanding to Guild wars 2. Therefore, it is needs to change Guild wars 2.

  Besides, he also mentioned that Guild wars 2 gold can trade in the world, including South America.

Common sense for Guild wars 2 goldhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7012_common-sense-for-guild-wars-2-goldde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7012_common-sense-for-guild-wars-2-gold  As we all know, Guild wars 2 has been launched for several years, and many players have also become the experts, especially in how to get Guild wars 2 gold. A handful of common sense is worth bushel of learning. Little common sense would surely have prevented the careless consumption of Guild wars 2 gold.

  1. Guild wars 2 gold can be converted to gem; on the contrary, gem also can be turned into Guild wars 2 gold.

  2. Guild wars 2 gold can be deposit in warehouse.

  3. The same account for different character classes can share the resource, including Guild wars 2 gold, items, gem, and so on.

  4. If you think you are so lucky that can have a gamble with others, you can go to Diessa Plateau. In there, gamble on cow is on line usually. If you win, Guild wars 2 gold can be obtained immediately though the number is tiny compared with kill a monster.

  5. After you have killed a enemy in the model of WvW, a bag will be dropped on the ground. Keep in you mind to pick it up, otherwise, a few of Guild wars 2 gold is going to missing from your hand.

Look behind Guild wars 2’s auction house to get Guild wars 2 goldhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7011_look-behind-guild-wars-2’s-auction-house-to-get-guild-wars-2-goldde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7011_look-behind-guild-wars-2’s-auction-house-to-get-guild-wars-2-gold  Guild wars 2 gold is the basic currency in Guild wars 2. While, auction house is the link connected Guild wars 2 gold with all of those trades. Therefore, if you want to spend some time on it, Guild wars 2 gold must be in your pockets.

  At first, two things you must know: list fee and sales tax. List fee refers to charging you five percent after you put up the items on the on-sale-list. While sales tax refers to charging you ten percent after the things you want to sell have sold out.

  Then, these tips you should know. Lower a little as you want to put item on the on-sale-list, which would attract those who want to buy a lot. The second way is to notice closely those value items and equipment. If one of them is down, maybe just for a little, you should buy them as soon as possible under the condition of owning spare Guild wars 2 gold. Then sell them out one by one as their prices have increased for a certain amount. Making a reasonable forecast is another way to get Guild wars 2 gold. You should have a correct forecast on items and equipment, otherwise, loss goes without avoiding.

Is the consumption of Guild wars 2 gold very high?http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7010_is-the-consumption-of-guild-wars-2-gold-very-highde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_7010_is-the-consumption-of-guild-wars-2-gold-very-high  Guild wars 2 gold is the focus for Guild wars 2’s player. Owing Guild wars 2 gold mean a further step.

  Nowadays, one of Guild wars 2’ players ask a question that: is the consumption of Guild wars gold very high?

  Theoretically speaking, the consumption of Guild wars gold is not very high unless you have to buy items and equipment, and machining material. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the consumption of Guild wars 2 gold.

  However, another problem goes out with it. How to get Guild wars 2 gold in a quick way? As we all know, saving Guild wars 2 gold is very difficult just by killing monsters and enemies. So, buying Guild wars 2 gold from Gw2goldbuyer is a good way. In here, good service and quick delivery are both praised by Guild wars 2’s player. And most importantly, reasonable price is good for all of you.

Links between friendship and Guild wars 2http://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6983_links-between-friendship-and-guild-wars-2de.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6983_links-between-friendship-and-guild-wars-2  Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an acquaintanceship. Friendship has been studied in academic fields such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Various academic theories of friendship have been proposed, including social exchange theory, equity theory, relational dialectics, and attachment styles.

  Although there are many forms of friendship, some of which may vary from place to place, certain characteristics are present in many types of friendship. Guild wars 2 is also a good place to form friendship.

  “Our roommates often play Guild wars 2 and get Guild wars 2 gold together, during the time, we forget troubles and unhappy things that once happened between us.” said Braiths. He also mentioned that Guild wars help them form a secret agreement between them, not only in Guild wars 2 but also in their ordinary life. Indeed, as for Guild wars 2 is a MMORPG game, which needs more than three people. Hence, it is a perfect opportunity to help roommates or classmates focus on a stronger relationship with each other, instead of some trivial matters.

The logo of Guild wars 2 in UAShttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6982_the-logo-of-guild-wars-2-in-uasde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6982_the-logo-of-guild-wars-2-in-uas  Guild wars 2 have launched for several years by the ArenaNet, and it has been popular with players. Because of its popularity, ArenaNet put it in different countries later on. For being suitable for different countries’ conditions, ArenaNet made some change with different countries.

  Among them, designing different logo is an interesting thing which should be mentioned in here.

  The logo for America is very beautiful. The logo of Guild wars 2 is designed by Su Shishu, vice chairman of the association of Chinese calligraphy, and Daniel, art director of Guild wars 2. A Chinese and a foreign artists created the perfect fusion of Chinese and Western cultural elements.

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Follow gw2goldbuyer.com’s weibo to get Guild wars 2 goldhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6981_follow-gw2goldbuyercom’s-weibo-to-get-guild-wars-2-goldde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6981_follow-gw2goldbuyercom’s-weibo-to-get-guild-wars-2-gold  Breaking news— gw2goldbuy.com have created a official weibo in Twitter and Sideblog recently!

  With the development of social contacting websites, such as Jaiku, Juick, Plurk, Thumbcast, Tumblelog, Twingr, Twitter, Sideblog, it has become an important place to contact with each other, to get information and to inform message not only for ordinary people but also for enterprises.

  Now, gw2goldbuyer.com has an official account both on Twitter and Sideblog. That is a good new for a great number of players of Guild was 2, because of immediate news and information and discount and many other things being found on them.

  In addition, to celebrate official weibo being created on Twitter and Sideblog, gw2goldbuyer.com will give out Guild wars 2 gold for free for 48 hours! It is a big chance of life-time. Hence, if the players want to get Guild wars 2 gold for free, it is time to surf gw2goldbuyer.com now. Miss this chance, obtain the pity! So, be quick, and this opportunity will not wait for you any more.

A boom in Guild wars 2 gold saleshttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6974_a-boom-in-guild-wars-2-gold-salesde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6974_a-boom-in-guild-wars-2-gold-sales  As the latest news from the game channel of CNN, a new boom in Guild wars 2 gold sales appeared.

  According to the statistical sayings, the sales of Guild wars 2 have hit twenty thousand dollars from January to May, 2013. Of course, as the leader of Guild wars 2 gold, gw2goldbuyer have made a great contribution. The amount of deal reached ten thousand and five hundred. The ratio of sales has risen from thirty-one point five percent to fifty percent during just a year.

  Some experts said, it is really the breaking news, but they have indicated that the result according the increasing rate of Guild wars 2 a few years ago. The number of players of Guild wars 2 is becoming larger and larger, meanwhile, Guild wars 2 gold is very significant in Guild wars 2, therefore, the boom in Guild wars 2 gold goes a boom without saying.

Gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary will be founded in New Yorkhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6972_gw2goldbuyer’s-subsidiary-will-be-founded-in-new-yorkde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6972_gw2goldbuyer’s-subsidiary-will-be-founded-in-new-york  With the development of Guild wars 2, more and more people are involved in it. The trading of gw2goldbuyer has hit a new record, so it is necessary to open a subsidiary in New York to service players.

  That is a piece of big news for a great number of player fans of Guild wars 2. Because of it, the players who want to buy Guild wars 2 gold quickly do not have to go to the parent company!

  Gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary is the same as the former one, such as, the same service, the same items and equipment, most importantly, the same price, enjoying the same discount.

  To celebrate gw2goldbuyer’s subsidiary will be founded in New York, gw2goldbuyer is going to conduct a publicity campaign soon, like offering discounts.

  Besides, the players are no need to worry about their right. For service you better, both of them is suitable for you. Anyone you choose, it is certainly OK. Therefore, there aren’t any changes as before.

  Enjoy yourselves in Guild wars 2.

Look online gaming industry through Guild wars 2 goldhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6971_look-online-gaming-industry-through-guild-wars-2-goldde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6971_look-online-gaming-industry-through-guild-wars-2-gold  As we all know, Guild wars 2 has being popular with hundreds and thousands of players. During the time, Guild wars 2 gold hit the highest topic. Not only is Guild wars 2 gold a kind of virtual transaction means, but also it is an indication to online gaming industry.

  Online gaming industry have developed for several decades, especially, in recent years, it is being mature. From many detail things we can look inside it.

  Guild wars 2 gold is an indication of online gaming industry. From it, we would know that what kinds of game be popular, and also know that why a lot of people is willing to spending so much money on it, just for some gold, items and equipment which may be useless for the real world.

  Guild wars 2 gold, besides,betokens the condition of online gaming industry. If the price of Guild wars gold was a bit thick, online gaming industry perhaps is in a slump.

Gw2goldbuyer tells players how to use the Guild wars 2 gold rationallyhttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6932_gw2goldbuyer-tells-players-how-to-use-the-guild-wars-2-gold-rationallyde.gw2gold.netde.gw2gold.netThu, 21 Feb 2019 05:30:40 GMThttp://de.gw2gold.net/news/97_6932_gw2goldbuyer-tells-players-how-to-use-the-guild-wars-2-gold-rationally  Since this week, gw2goldbuyer will add a new column, that is the every week Guild wars 2 knowledge sharing, we will make a short lessons to share some basic knowledge about Guild wars 2, and this week, we will share you how to use the Guild wars 2 gold rationally.

  The most important is take good advantage of the auction house. All the items in the auction house, the price keeps floating all the time, if you are in lack of some items and want to buy from the auction house, remember that learn to wait. Only be patient enough can you save Guild wars 2 gold.

  According to gw2goldbuyer’s observation, that about 7:00 to 9:00 at night, the price of the items in the auction house is the lowest, for during these two hours, most players are hanging around in the game.

  To use the Guild wars 2 gold rationally, the first and the most important thing you need to do is learn the law of the auction house.